Dec 24, 2013

Newsflesh Trilogy: FEED ~ Book Review

I never thought that zombies and politics could mix together, until I read FEED. FEED is the 1st book of the Newsflesh Trilogy by Mira Grant (Real name: Seanan McGuire)

Feed is a Sci-fi novel set during 2039 where society is living with zombies. What I find unique in here is that the mankind wasn't wiped out badly by the zombies and having no electricity, internet, & whatnot. Instead, mankind is still thriving and people could live inside their homes like normal people(with added security of course).

I couldn't really say that this is a horror novel. It's not something that would make you turn on the lights at night and scared to go to bed. You might think this is jam-packed with a lot of zombie action, but it doesn't. But there are a couple of scenes where there are outbreaks and breaches where people would have to defend their lives. Bottom line, zombies here is something like a garnish or side-dressing. It's not the main dish.

This book is more about blogging, journalism, free-speech, politics, and looking for the truth and

If you're someone who likes blogging, zombies, and a bit of politics, then I bet you'll love this book!
I'm someone who isn't really into politics, nevertheless, I still enjoyed reading FEED.

I really liked the characters here, very well made and they have "depth" especially George and Shaun.  I also liked the side characters, I grew fond of Rick, Lois, Mahir, and Buffy.

To tell you the truth, It took me at least a year to finish reading this. Apart from the having 599 pages, I was really busy this year. (Which explains why I haven't posted in this blog since June of this year).

At first, it was kind of boring to read, but as the story progresses it becomes interesting(Another reason why it took me so long to finish it).

Out of 5 stars, I would give this book 4 stars.

Jun 16, 2013

Mori Fashion

Mori is a fashion that emerged in 2007.
"Mori" is the japanese word for "Forest".
It's all about the concept of a girl who is living in a forest so the look should be somewhat earthy. Colors would be white, dirty white, beige, brown, green, and etc.

Mori girls usually likes to drink tea and vintage & eco-friendly items.
Clothes are flowy, layered, and aren't body-hugging.

Must have items are the ff:
  • Scarf
  • Cardigan
  • Boots
  • vintage items
  • flower wreath
  • Floral hair accessories
  • clothes with laces~
  • clogs

 Details and texture matters~

Mori girls prefer gold items rather than silver items.
They also love cameras and photography~

Well, for me...
I like Pentax :3
I also like to take pictures of nature or anything I'm fancy for~

There's a checklist by the original mori girl community to find out if you're a true mori girl.

Enjoy and embrace our lifestyle~
It reflects our inner selves. ^^

Mori girls go for the natural look, so it's best to have minimal make-up.

Ron Naldo
Kevin Shu
Thomas R.

That's allTill next time~

May 22, 2013

Lucaille/Dear Wild Wig Review #3

Lucaille/Dear Wild long wig review here.
Lucaille/Dear wild male wig review here
Lucaille/Dear wild taobao link here.

This would be my 3rd Lucaille review =))

In person, the wig isn't really that flipped compared to the reference pic.
The flip is actually more concentrated on the right side.

I don't really like the top of the wig. :/
This is actually an Eiji(Prince of Tennis) wig that I used for my Meryl Silverburgh cosplay =))

In flash, the color of the wig seems to be like "blood red".
The fibers are very soft and manageable, you don't need to comb it to fix it.

I can say that people with big heads should try out Lucaille since they have a big head cap.

Top view and fibers up close.

When worn photos~
Photographer: Thomas Regala

Texture(A bit rough): 5/5 

  • Top view: -5/5
  • Distribution: 4/5
Quality: 4/5

That's all, Till next time :D

May 21, 2013

The Second Nackname(TSN) Wig Review

Taobao link here.

I was a bit disappointed with the color. I was expecting it to be a bit more blonde in person.

but still, I love this wig to bits <3
Not only that it doesn't shed easily, it's also fun to run my fingers in its fibers because it's so soft and smooth. xD
The fibers are thick and manageable~
Though, it has some frizzes on the side for unknown reasons.
I'm having difficulty inserting the wig on my head which sucks. >.<

Top view and fibers up close
Texture: 5/5

  • Top view: 5/5
  • Distribution: -5/5
Quality: 5/5

It may be a bit expensive, but it's worth every penny.

That's all, till next time! :D

Grand Young Wig Review

This isn't actually my first GY wig.
 I had 2 GY wigs before but I wasn't able to make a review for it.
**Note: This is a 2nd hand wig. The bangs were trimmed.

Fibers up close and top view

It sheds a lot >.<
Though it's still thick xD

It tangles a lot yet it's so easy to fix.
I could say that the cap is...kinda small for my head. Compared to Lucaille where I can effortlessly insert the wig into my head.

Anyway, here are some when worn pics.
Photos by: Ron Naldo

Texture: 3.5/5 (Smooth)


  • Top view: 5/5
  • Distribution: -5/5
Quality: 4/5

That's all~
Till next time!

Apr 19, 2013

How To Secure Your Wig On Your Head #2


Anyway, I just saw an easier and less expensive way of securing you wig in your head.

I bought this at Saizen for php44.

Now, This is the hook that every Ayanamisatoru wig has.
It really does look like the same thing I bought right?

Anyway, All you need are the FF:

  • Styling comb(the one I bought at Saizen)
  • Cloth (preferably skin tone or anything that matches the lace)
  •  Scissors
  • Needle and thread

1.) Cut/ break

2.) Leave at least 0.5 inch space away from the edge~

Oh, before I forget, make sure the stitches will go through here.

3.) But before you place it in the lace of the wig, you should first wrap the edge with a cloth.
Since I don't have any skin tone cloths, I just used orange because that's the color of the wig fibers xD
Pls. forgive me for the bad stitches. Anyway, I suggest you use back stitch instead of a running stitch.

4.) Cut the excess cloth on the sides~
Pls. note that I left some a small space on the side.

5.) Fold the remaining cloth. That's where you'll sew the clip in the wig.

6.) Be careful not to sew on the wig fibers xD

It's now done :3

Hope I helped~Till next time :3

Mar 24, 2013

How To Secure Your Wig On Your Head

That moment when you're photo ready and you thought that everything is okay....
and then when you saw the photo, horror crawled all over your body because your hairline or rather your real hair is showing.

Oh yes, that's one of the effects of carelessness or rather lack of awareness of putting on wigs especially the heavy ones  >.....<
I too am guilty of it >...<

The causes of this dreadful thing are the clip-ons and very long wigs.

Also, I didn't bother coloring my eyebrows and putting on the proper amount of make-up back then :v
I regret it. Orz

You may not totally avoid this because it also depends on the fitting of your wig(The one with the lace and hook).
There are instances where the wig's fitting is too small for your head. If all else fails, you might want to change the wig brand you're using.


Since I don't have time to make my own tutorial, I decided look for tutorials that I will find interesting~

This tutorial is by Yu Hibari 

Source of tutorial is found here
You can click on the link above for better viewing or click on the photo below for a larger picture~

That's allHope I helped~

Mar 21, 2013

Coloring Your Eyebrows With Eyeshadow

There are many techniques, methods, and variations on coloring your eyebrow like the watercolor method.
Though, this one is the easiest for me xD
Some people use glue instead of concealer, but I haven't tried that yet.

To tell you the truth, I haven't done this during on a con but I did it once in a photoshoot, but I never got the pictures. Orz


To start off, you'll only be needing 2 things:

  • Concealer
  • eyeshadow

Le moi with untouched eyebrows~

Apply concealer to your eyebrows~
Make sure only a little or no hair at all is visible. That means you have to apply a heavy amount of concealer.

After being satisfied, you'll now notice that my eyebrow is not all that visible compared to the untouched one.
You may now apply the eyeshadow~
Begin by tracing the edges of your eyebrow.
It also depends on you if you want to have heavy application or only little. Either way it can easily come off.
I'm pretty sure I don't have to be detailed on that part.

After applying the eyeshadow, remove the excess by using tissue or make-up remover.
You can also just apply concealer over it and smudge it if you're a bit lazy.

Now compare my eyebrow with the method and w/o~

That's all~Hope I helped xD

Mar 18, 2013

Basic Crossplay Make-up For Girls

Ohai female reader~

So you want to know how to do the basics of crossplay make-up? Well, this is how I do it. xD

You guys might wonder why we need to do those steps. I'll enumerate it for you~
It's because guys have:
  • darker skin tone
  • longer/prominent nose
  • Their face is more of a "V" shape
  • Generally, their eyebrows is more thicker and "arched"
  • They have prominent jaw

Though, there are instances where they have different eye shape, brow shape, and whatnot from most of the guys.

Hair styling is also important but I won't discuss it anymore xD

This are the basic things you need:
  • Nude Lipstick/Concealer (or a combination of both)
  • Liquid Eyeliner
  • Eyeliner pencil(not shown here)
  • Contour palette(highlight and shadow)
  • Bronzer/eyeshadow that can be used for contouring

Le face with no contouring or whatsoever. I only applied the basics of make-up like concealer, foundation and moisturizer.

You'll be needing this also for making your eyebrows look thick. Try to choose brown tones instead of black because if you use the latter, it would look unnatural. I'm really sorry because I don't have any photos on applying this. Orz 

I recommend you do the eyes first because if you screw up with applying the eyeliner, you have to wash it and do it again. The part with the brown tint inside is where you apply brown eyeshadow/bronzer. The line around your eyes is where you apply the liquid eyeliner.  Cosplayers do different styles so you may not totally follow this part of the tutorial.  After this you can now apply the eyeliner pencil on your eyebrows.

So after you apply those 3, you may now do the nose~

Note the difference between my picture on the top

The next step is applying shadow and highlights in your nose~
Apply shadow/bronzer.
You might want to spread it in the side of your nose for a "gradient" effect so it would not look too harsh but keep the "heavier" tone inside the encircled area. You'll also need to apply highlights in the middle of the nose.

I made the contour harsh in purpose so you would be able to see it. 

For the last two parts, you will need to apply bronzer inside the marked area~
Make sure you also apply the "gradient" affect on your jaw and neck so that it would not look too harsh.

You might also want to make this part to be really slanted if you like~
and you may now apply the nude lipstick/concealer on your lips.
IMO using concealer makes your lips too pale so I also use nude lipstick to lighten in up a bit.
It looks like I also failed to take pics on that part. Orz

I hope you get the main idea in this tutorial on how to do the basic make-up for crossplaying guys~
I also hope that I didn't fail you guys.  =))

That's all~
Hope I helped :3

Mar 14, 2013

Jill Valentine Cosplay

Jill Valentine is actually my very first cosplay from a game~

I bought this costume from Sheila Navarro~ xD

Jill is one of my favorite RE characters along side with Rebecca Chambers, Spectre and Leon =))
At first, I had some difficulties in cosplaying her because of the sudden change of genre and all.

When I first cosplayed her, I had problems regarding my facial expressions and poses since I have no knowledge on how to handle a gun and whatnot.

After that experience, I began researching on the things that I need to know like the stance, aiming of the gun, safety and precautions, and the handling/storage of the gun.

So far, she's one of the most challenging characters that I cosplayed because of the limitation on poses. Orz

Here are some photos of my Jill cosplay~ 

I'll be also making her rocket launcher in Marvel vs. Capcom :v
I'll post it here as soon as I'm determined enough to finish it xD
By the way...
I also cosplayed Spectre.
You can view it here.