Jul 15, 2012

Lucaille Wig Review~

Lucaille is one of the well-loved wig brands in the Philippines~ <3

They have awesome wigs to choose from and the colors are nice to look at and not too shiny. :3
Smooth and manageable. I like the daily wigs from lucaille, they look like real hair.

Reference pic

Fibers up close
Texture: (Smooth) 5/5


  • Top View: 5/5
  • Distribution: 5-/5

Quality: 5/5

I have to say, Lucaille is one of the best wig brands.
The fibers are nice and evenly distributed.
I kept running my fingers through the hair because it felt good xD
I bought this lovely wig at Coser Point, the shop is 100% legit :)
here's the link to their shop:

Taobao wig store:


This how it looks like when worn:

Me cosplaying as Luna Lovegood and Michael as Harry~
Lolz, I'm pointing at the Gray Lady FYI xD

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~Ywailisi /Alice

That's all for now~~
Till next time :3

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  1. These wigs can be constructed of synthetic hair or 100% real human hair Best Lace front wigs