Mar 18, 2013

Basic Crossplay Make-up For Girls

Ohai female reader~

So you want to know how to do the basics of crossplay make-up? Well, this is how I do it. xD

You guys might wonder why we need to do those steps. I'll enumerate it for you~
It's because guys have:
  • darker skin tone
  • longer/prominent nose
  • Their face is more of a "V" shape
  • Generally, their eyebrows is more thicker and "arched"
  • They have prominent jaw

Though, there are instances where they have different eye shape, brow shape, and whatnot from most of the guys.

Hair styling is also important but I won't discuss it anymore xD

This are the basic things you need:
  • Nude Lipstick/Concealer (or a combination of both)
  • Liquid Eyeliner
  • Eyeliner pencil(not shown here)
  • Contour palette(highlight and shadow)
  • Bronzer/eyeshadow that can be used for contouring

Le face with no contouring or whatsoever. I only applied the basics of make-up like concealer, foundation and moisturizer.

You'll be needing this also for making your eyebrows look thick. Try to choose brown tones instead of black because if you use the latter, it would look unnatural. I'm really sorry because I don't have any photos on applying this. Orz 

I recommend you do the eyes first because if you screw up with applying the eyeliner, you have to wash it and do it again. The part with the brown tint inside is where you apply brown eyeshadow/bronzer. The line around your eyes is where you apply the liquid eyeliner.  Cosplayers do different styles so you may not totally follow this part of the tutorial.  After this you can now apply the eyeliner pencil on your eyebrows.

So after you apply those 3, you may now do the nose~

Note the difference between my picture on the top

The next step is applying shadow and highlights in your nose~
Apply shadow/bronzer.
You might want to spread it in the side of your nose for a "gradient" effect so it would not look too harsh but keep the "heavier" tone inside the encircled area. You'll also need to apply highlights in the middle of the nose.

I made the contour harsh in purpose so you would be able to see it. 

For the last two parts, you will need to apply bronzer inside the marked area~
Make sure you also apply the "gradient" affect on your jaw and neck so that it would not look too harsh.

You might also want to make this part to be really slanted if you like~
and you may now apply the nude lipstick/concealer on your lips.
IMO using concealer makes your lips too pale so I also use nude lipstick to lighten in up a bit.
It looks like I also failed to take pics on that part. Orz

I hope you get the main idea in this tutorial on how to do the basic make-up for crossplaying guys~
I also hope that I didn't fail you guys.  =))

That's all~
Hope I helped :3

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