Mar 24, 2013

How To Secure Your Wig On Your Head

That moment when you're photo ready and you thought that everything is okay....
and then when you saw the photo, horror crawled all over your body because your hairline or rather your real hair is showing.

Oh yes, that's one of the effects of carelessness or rather lack of awareness of putting on wigs especially the heavy ones  >.....<
I too am guilty of it >...<

The causes of this dreadful thing are the clip-ons and very long wigs.

Also, I didn't bother coloring my eyebrows and putting on the proper amount of make-up back then :v
I regret it. Orz

You may not totally avoid this because it also depends on the fitting of your wig(The one with the lace and hook).
There are instances where the wig's fitting is too small for your head. If all else fails, you might want to change the wig brand you're using.


Since I don't have time to make my own tutorial, I decided look for tutorials that I will find interesting~

This tutorial is by Yu Hibari 

Source of tutorial is found here
You can click on the link above for better viewing or click on the photo below for a larger picture~

That's allHope I helped~

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