May 24, 2012

Spectre Cosplay

I did a lot of preparations for this cosplay!

Originally, I was supposed to cosplay Lonewolf, but since I'll be kinda "lonely", Some friends told me to cosplay Spectre instead. I liked the idea. Since I kinda like him, I researched all about him. He became my favorite in the U.S.S. and since I favor snipers, hihi~ :3

Spectre is a character from Resident Evil. Appeared at Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


At first, I had no idea where to start.
Good thing I was helped by a fellow DA user (TwinkieSniper) and by my Resident Evil family.

I made/altered the mask and balaclava. I added zippers to the balaclava(took me almost a week due to school) and as for the mask, I bought a mask used at airsoft and a half mask at the Hardware. I used different sized PVC pipes for the zooming lens.

I used an old cellphone for the datapod and as for the thing at the back, I used an antenna from a radio, and a wire from a dualshock controller(not working anymore) to connect the datapod and the antenna at the back.

I bought most of the military stuffs at Manang Lumings (located at Quezon Blvd., near Quiapo Church)
Here's a map

I think I was the first to cosplay Spectre in the Philippines(debuted during April 1st if 2012). =))

I was kinda hoping the sales ladies will recognize me (there's even a big poster of RE:ORC there!)
 xD Fail :P

I wish I gave justice to Spectre  =)))

Thanks for reading!

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