Apr 19, 2013

How To Secure Your Wig On Your Head #2


Anyway, I just saw an easier and less expensive way of securing you wig in your head.

I bought this at Saizen for php44.

Now, This is the hook that every Ayanamisatoru wig has.
It really does look like the same thing I bought right?

Anyway, All you need are the FF:

  • Styling comb(the one I bought at Saizen)
  • Cloth (preferably skin tone or anything that matches the lace)
  •  Scissors
  • Needle and thread

1.) Cut/ break

2.) Leave at least 0.5 inch space away from the edge~

Oh, before I forget, make sure the stitches will go through here.

3.) But before you place it in the lace of the wig, you should first wrap the edge with a cloth.
Since I don't have any skin tone cloths, I just used orange because that's the color of the wig fibers xD
Pls. forgive me for the bad stitches. Anyway, I suggest you use back stitch instead of a running stitch.

4.) Cut the excess cloth on the sides~
Pls. note that I left some a small space on the side.

5.) Fold the remaining cloth. That's where you'll sew the clip in the wig.

6.) Be careful not to sew on the wig fibers xD

It's now done :3

Hope I helped~Till next time :3