May 22, 2013

Lucaille/Dear Wild Wig Review #3

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Lucaille/Dear wild male wig review here
Lucaille/Dear wild taobao link here.

This would be my 3rd Lucaille review =))

In person, the wig isn't really that flipped compared to the reference pic.
The flip is actually more concentrated on the right side.

I don't really like the top of the wig. :/
This is actually an Eiji(Prince of Tennis) wig that I used for my Meryl Silverburgh cosplay =))

In flash, the color of the wig seems to be like "blood red".
The fibers are very soft and manageable, you don't need to comb it to fix it.

I can say that people with big heads should try out Lucaille since they have a big head cap.

Top view and fibers up close.

When worn photos~
Photographer: Thomas Regala

Texture(A bit rough): 5/5 

  • Top view: -5/5
  • Distribution: 4/5
Quality: 4/5

That's all, Till next time :D

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