Feb 18, 2013

Mint cosplay


A lot of people told me that when they saw my Mint cosplay, all nostalgia hit them xD
So here are some pics of Mint~

Mint is a princess and the rightful queen of the East Heaven Kingdom until her sister Maya stole the title from her.
Mint is brash, spunky, and will do anything just to accomplish her goals. Well, of course she has her limits. xD
She also hates pumpkins. =))

The only thing that I did was her weapon :<

I was also thinking of making her boots and bag if I have the time~

So I decided to release this on the IOP photoshoot(Feb. 17, 2013)
It was really a great time to be reunited with friends and old faces again :D
The following photos are taken by Thomas Regala~


Mint frequently flips her hair too just like Beatrix 8D


I used nylon strings here so that I could do the pose of her when doing magics~

Ahhhh yes xD
some of us were bored and decided to play with my hoops xD
hehe, Shiryu as Garland of Final Fantasy

I do hope I did justice to her xD

The wig that I used for her is from Eternal Lee, you can see my review for the wig here.


Feb 3, 2013

Vogue Royal Cosplay Wig Review

I think Vogue Royal Cosplay is another wig re-distributor/reseller just like L-email.
Anyway, I got curious with its quality, so I bought one for my Zelkova cosplay~

Bought this from Vanity Lair.

Texture(a bit rough):  5/5


  • Top view:  -4/5
  • Distribution:  4.5/5
Quality:  4/5

So far, the only problem I have with the wig is at the top. It's a bit frizzy and hard to style.
I love the styling especially at the front ~
The color of the wig is a bit darker compared to the reference pic.

That's all!

Till next time~

Eternal Lee Review


It's been so long since I have been able to publish anything from this blog xD
Anyway, Here's the first review for this month.

Eternal Lee isn't such a well-known brand in the Philippines, so I opted to try out this wig brand myself. Not only that, This is the most compatible wig for Mint from Threads of Fate. *A*

You can browse their site here
Bought this from Senbazuru shop~

Here's the wig w/ the clip-ons. 

Texture(Smooth): -5/5


  • Top view: -5/5
  • Distribution: 5/5
Quality: 4/5

It was love at first sight *w*
Their clip-ons are thicker compared to other well-known brands.
Although, the first time I opened the package, the base wig was a bit frizzy so I combed it~
Sometimes, the color is too "vibrant" for my eyes whenever I take a picture of it xD
It has thick fibers and has good quality, its quality is like an albeit Grand Young wig.
It's also smooth and easy to untangle *A*

When worn:

More photos here

That's all, till next time~