Oct 31, 2012

Lucaille Wig Review 2

Halo~ It's been a while xD
Anyway, I bought another Lucaille wig. Thus, another wig review!

If you're going to cosplay Okita Souji from HSK, I recommend this wig from Lucaille <3
This comes with 2 detachable brown extensions so you can cosplay Okita from the traditional version to the Western version.

Wig reference

Texture(smooth):  5/5


  • Top view:  5/5 
  • Distribution:  5/5
Quality:  5/5

A perfect score!
BTW, you might need to cut the bangs a little so it'll fit in your forehead.
When you receive the wig, the 2 extensions are in a plastic separated from the wig.
You might get a little frustrated when attaching it, I recommend that you wear the wig first then attach the extensions so it would fit best for your head.

Bought this wig at Senbazuru shop ~

Taobao wig store:

Pic of me wearing le wig coming sooooon~

Thanks for Reading :3
Till Next time~

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