Jul 31, 2012

Alice/Ywailisi Wig Review

If you look at their catalogue in Taobao, you can see that they have plenty of wigs to choose from. They also sell Clip-ons w/o a base~
If you'll notice, some of the reference pics they have don't show much of the wig like this one:

Reference pic for the wig I bought.

Fibers up close

Texture(smooth): 5/5

  • Top view: 5/5
  • Distribution: 5-/5
Quality: 5-/5

I love this wig!
Might be good for daily use.
Although, it has a bit of shine so people might notice that it's a wig.
Here's a picture of me wearing it. :D  Excuse my ugly face xD

Photographer: Thomas Regala

Photographer: Ronyka

I found this paper crane in the package <3
Thanks to Senbazuru shop for the lovely wig ~

Page of Senbazuru shop:

Taobao shop:

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  1. `hi!!
    where did you buy ur wig stand and how much?

    1. Hello!

      I bought them from a friend, you can buy one during in a cosplay convention or you can go to online cosplay shops.