Sep 21, 2012

"The Poe Shadow" Book Review

This book is best for Poe-lovers and people who likes mystery, thrill, and history.

Personally, I really like the story but it's boring at the beginning that's why it took me a long time for me to finish it. You wanna know how many days, month, and years until I finished it? Well, it took me at least 1-2 years xD
If it wasn't for our reader's notebook, I won't be able to finish it.

Since I don't want to spoil you guys, I'll just say that in the middle of the book, it'll get more interesting. Sometimes I would smile or laugh while reading it and my friends would be like "Why are you laughing?" or "What's wrong with you?" with a weird face. 

My favorite characters are Bonjour(Yes that's a name) and the Baron Dupin <3
She's a very independent, stoic, intelligent, and strong woman.

As for the Baron , he's very charming for me xDD
I just love him and his personality <3

I really don't like the main character that much. Quentin Clark can I say this....
obsessed with Poe and his death.

I like the way how Matthew Pearl wrote the book. It's very vivid and you can somehow have a clear picture of the events in your mind.

If you're going to read this book, I recommend that you have a dictionary besides you because there might be words that you don't know the meaning. I learned a lot of words from this book. hehe =)) 

BTW, In the website of Matthew Pearl, you can see/read the secret chapters of the Poe Shadow.
If you have already started reading the book, it's best if you can reread the chapter before the secret chapter so you can recall what happened.
Here's the link:

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How to cheat big boobs using make-up

For girls who wants to have cleavage or if you need it for your cosplay, I found a very fast and easy way for that problem. *Hoooooray*

As we all know, there are some female characters that have big cleavages. Here comes the problem. The character we'll be cosplaying has....errmmm.....their cleavage is bigger than ours =))) Some of us here doesn't have a really big cleavage. xDD

Anyway, here are the videos.~ Enjoy!

NOTE: I don't own the videos. Credits to the owners (OMGArtistry and JennaMarblesVlog)

Link to Youtube:

Link to Youtube:

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Hope I helped xD

Sep 1, 2012

L-email Review

I have heard of many positive feed backs concerning L-email wigs~
So I bought one for myself to see the quality.

This is the  wig that I ordered for one of my cosplays this year, Beatrix from FF9. Since there's no pre-styled for Beatrix, I have to make those curls myself xD
I'll be posting an article concerning how to do Beatrix's hair. :D

Gomen, I don't have a top view pic here >..<
Fibers up-close

Texture(Smooth) : 5/5


  • Top View: 5/5
  • Distribution: -5/5
Quality: 5/5

L-email might become my favorite wig =))
The fibers are really smooth and super manageable.

Before I forget, I bought this wig at Senbazuru shop again! :3
Just to clear things up, L-email is a random wig brand (Or so I've heard)
Some even say that it's a hit and miss, so buy at your own risk. xD

Anyway, here's a pic of me wearing the wig~

That's all for now~
Thanks for reading :3