Jul 31, 2012

Alice/Ywailisi Wig Review

If you look at their catalogue in Taobao, you can see that they have plenty of wigs to choose from. They also sell Clip-ons w/o a base~
If you'll notice, some of the reference pics they have don't show much of the wig like this one:

Reference pic for the wig I bought.

Fibers up close

Texture(smooth): 5/5

  • Top view: 5/5
  • Distribution: 5-/5
Quality: 5-/5

I love this wig!
Might be good for daily use.
Although, it has a bit of shine so people might notice that it's a wig.
Here's a picture of me wearing it. :D  Excuse my ugly face xD

Photographer: Thomas Regala

Photographer: Ronyka

I found this paper crane in the package <3
Thanks to Senbazuru shop for the lovely wig ~

Page of Senbazuru shop:

Taobao shop:

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L-email wig

Jul 21, 2012

Crossplay tips (Gals and Guys)


  •  (verb) A subset of cosplay; to wear a costume where the character in question is of the opposite sex as the cosplayer.                                                                                                                            - Cosplay.com thread ( http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=18966 )

What you need for crossplay?

For girls:

  • Bronzer
  • Chest binder (Either one of the FF: Bandage, cloth, garrison belt, compression shirt)
  • eyeliner
  • nude lipstick (you can also use concealer, but it tends to look too pale)

You put a bit of eyeliner to your eyebrows (Use a brown eyeliner if the character's hair color is black or brown. though, it also depends on the character)

You can also put some lines on the side of your eyes using eyeliner.

Apply bronzer to the FF areas: (again, it also depends on the character)
~Nose bridge
~Jaw line
~Upper cheek bone

Oh, don't forget to cut your fingernails~

If you want to be more convincing, you should walk like a guy. :D

BTW, there's a chance you'll look gay like me xD

My Crossplay tales:

An old trial pics for my Heisuke cosplay <3
I forgot to apply nude lipstick OTL
Soujiro Okita - Hakuouki

Soujiro Okita - Hakuouki

I think I look gay here xD
Cosplaying as Soujiro Seta

Me cosplaying as Heisuke ^^
Ugh, I hate the way I tied the yellow part </3

For guys:
  • Falsies (For bigger eyes. But this is optional)
  • make-up
  • lipstick (Any color that resembles natural female lips)
  • Bra and pads

If you have hairy legs and you don't want to shave it, you can use skin tone stockings to make your legs more slender. (I think guys has better legs than females minus the hair) 

Wear a bra. You might want to put pads in it. xD

to be more convincing, walk like a girl. that means swaying your hips(naturally) when walking
and keeping your legs together when sitting.

and ermmm, no awkward or unwanted bulges. =))

Here are some crossplays done by:

  JL Rochefort Lavarias

mina majikina - samurai shodown

Lili Rochefort from Tekken

 Marky (Sheryl Nome)

Chacha from Akazukin Chacha

Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier 

That's all~
If you have any questions, feel free to ask 

Chizuru Yukimura (Western) Cosplay

Chizuru Yukimura is a character from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan. It's an otome game that turned into an anime. The anime has a lot of facts about the Shinsengumi (Some of it was altered of course).

Here's a photo of Hakuouki:

My favorite characters are Okita, Heisuke and Chizuru.

Since this post is about Chizuru, I should have a short description of her. =3
Chizuru is the heroine of HSK. She disguised herself as a boy(But she still looks like a girl) while traveling to Kyoto from Edo to search for her father, Kodou-san. She prefers to heal the wounded rather than to kill or hurt people. Has a very caring and loving nature.

I really like the character. Although, I like Okita and Heisuke more than her. xD
As time passed, I began to "drift away" from the character. Realizing that I love her..... but I hate her too xD

When I watched the series again, I felt irritated to Chizuru (I was not feeling irritated before). I don't know why D:

oh well, at least my costume was properly documented.

Here are photos from 2 different photoshoots. Photos are taken at Wildlife Park.

Photo by SophiaPhotography
Photo by Francis Legarda
Photo by RC 
Photo by Francis Legarda

Photo by Ren Sikat

photo by  Tiffany Cher C. 

Photos belong to the photographers, Pls. don't copy, duplicate, manipulate the photos, or tamper the watermarks.

Thank you for reading!

Jul 15, 2012

Lucaille Wig Review~

Lucaille is one of the well-loved wig brands in the Philippines~ <3

They have awesome wigs to choose from and the colors are nice to look at and not too shiny. :3
Smooth and manageable. I like the daily wigs from lucaille, they look like real hair.

Reference pic

Fibers up close
Texture: (Smooth) 5/5


  • Top View: 5/5
  • Distribution: 5-/5

Quality: 5/5

I have to say, Lucaille is one of the best wig brands.
The fibers are nice and evenly distributed.
I kept running my fingers through the hair because it felt good xD
I bought this lovely wig at Coser Point, the shop is 100% legit :)
here's the link to their shop:

Taobao wig store:


This how it looks like when worn:

Me cosplaying as Luna Lovegood and Michael as Harry~
Lolz, I'm pointing at the Gray Lady FYI xD

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~Ywailisi /Alice

That's all for now~~
Till next time :3

Ayanamisatoru Wig Review

Ayanamisatoru is known for its wide variety of pre-styled character wigs. 

NOTE: I styled the wig a bit and replaced the tie. When I received the wig, the curls is identical to the reference photo.

Reference pic

Fibers up close

me cosplaying as Serah Farron~

You can see the scalp *weeps*

Texture: (Somewhat rough) 4/5

  • Top view: 4/5
  • distribution: -5/5
Quality -5/5

Overall, for me it's a so-so.
At first I love the wig, but as time flies by I kinda don't like it anymore(I prefer the one at Lucaille)

One time during a photoshoot, I saw one of my friends wearing a short white silver wig. I asked her what brand it is because I like the quality, she said it's from Ayanamisatoru *Hope restored*. So I guess the quality of each wig is different.

I bought this wig at Coser Point, the shop is 100% legit :)
here's the link to their shop:

That's all for now~

Jul 14, 2012

Jiuwihu Wig Revew

Jiuwihu became one of the known wig brands here in the Philippines because of its low price. It's also being compared to Lucaille and Grand Young because it's manageable and can be easily styled. 

The reference pic from the site

Me cosplaying as Soujiro Seta
The brand of the wig is Jiuwihu (YOU DON"T SAY?)

*The picture from the taobao site is kinda different if it's in person.

W/ Flash

W/o Flash

The fibers up close

Texture: (Smooth) -5/5

  • Top view: 5/5
  • distribution: -5/5
Quality 5/5

Overall, I think this wig is pretty good and affordable for it's price.
For cosplayers who are in a tight budget, you might wanna try Jiuwihu.
BTW, the wig had no tag.

I bought this wig at CherryBlossomCosplay~

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That's all for nooow~ 

Dispel the Shininess of Shiny wigs

Have you ever wondered if you can remove the shininess of your wig? fortunately you can!

It's just plain and simple~

What you need:
~basin (A basin that your mother doesn't use or your mother might get angry xD )
~baking powder or baby powder


1.) Put your wig in the basin, then put some vinegar in it.

2.) Let its magic begin.~

3.) Leave it for at least 12 hours. (EDIT: okay, so 30 mins. is fine) xD

4.) After that, remove the wig from the basin, rinse it with water to remove the smell of the vinegar.

5.) Apply the baking powder/baby powder.

I did this to one of my wigs.
Here's the before and after pics (w/ flash and w/o flash)

The wig before~
dull and shiny

The wig after~
It looks soooo preeeeetty *A* 

That's all!
Hope I helped at least a little bit xD

Jul 8, 2012

~Dining at PINO RESTO*BAR~

Last June 14, 2012, we celebrated our Lola's B-day at a restaurant named Pino. Since we always go to the same grills and sizzles for like 2 years, My cousin saw this resto bar, and thought that we should try the food there.

This is actually a good place for friends to hang out/Dine in. The place might be small, but the food here is REALLY GOOD. The environment is also accommodating and nice. and the waiters and waitresses are friendly and pleasant.

BTW, Pino Resto Bar is located at Malingap St., near Kalayaan Ave. and Maginhawa St.

If you'll be going to eat at Pino, I recommend the Kare-Kareng Bagnet, It's one of their best-sellers.

When we entered Pino, what caught my attention first was the graffiti on the wall. ( Hmmmm... was this inspired by 9GAG? xD )

And here you can see the name of the street where it's located.

~Here are some of the foods we ordered from the menu~

PINO-KA Platter #2

Sisig Carbonara

Crispy Hito

Kare-Kareng Bagnet

Binusog na Pusit w/ Kesong Puti

Fita Tiramisu 
Mouth watering dessert :3

Red Velvet Cupcake

Pino Chunky Choco Tempura
Our personal favorite ~ <3

What it looks like from the outside.

That's it for now~
Till next time!