Sep 1, 2012

L-email Review

I have heard of many positive feed backs concerning L-email wigs~
So I bought one for myself to see the quality.

This is the  wig that I ordered for one of my cosplays this year, Beatrix from FF9. Since there's no pre-styled for Beatrix, I have to make those curls myself xD
I'll be posting an article concerning how to do Beatrix's hair. :D

Gomen, I don't have a top view pic here >..<
Fibers up-close

Texture(Smooth) : 5/5


  • Top View: 5/5
  • Distribution: -5/5
Quality: 5/5

L-email might become my favorite wig =))
The fibers are really smooth and super manageable.

Before I forget, I bought this wig at Senbazuru shop again! :3
Just to clear things up, L-email is a random wig brand (Or so I've heard)
Some even say that it's a hit and miss, so buy at your own risk. xD

Anyway, here's a pic of me wearing the wig~

That's all for now~
Thanks for reading :3

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