Jul 15, 2012

Ayanamisatoru Wig Review

Ayanamisatoru is known for its wide variety of pre-styled character wigs. 

NOTE: I styled the wig a bit and replaced the tie. When I received the wig, the curls is identical to the reference photo.

Reference pic

Fibers up close

me cosplaying as Serah Farron~

You can see the scalp *weeps*

Texture: (Somewhat rough) 4/5

  • Top view: 4/5
  • distribution: -5/5
Quality -5/5

Overall, for me it's a so-so.
At first I love the wig, but as time flies by I kinda don't like it anymore(I prefer the one at Lucaille)

One time during a photoshoot, I saw one of my friends wearing a short white silver wig. I asked her what brand it is because I like the quality, she said it's from Ayanamisatoru *Hope restored*. So I guess the quality of each wig is different.

I bought this wig at Coser Point, the shop is 100% legit :)
here's the link to their shop:

That's all for now~

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