Jul 14, 2012

Dispel the Shininess of Shiny wigs

Have you ever wondered if you can remove the shininess of your wig? fortunately you can!

It's just plain and simple~

What you need:
~basin (A basin that your mother doesn't use or your mother might get angry xD )
~baking powder or baby powder


1.) Put your wig in the basin, then put some vinegar in it.

2.) Let its magic begin.~

3.) Leave it for at least 12 hours. (EDIT: okay, so 30 mins. is fine) xD

4.) After that, remove the wig from the basin, rinse it with water to remove the smell of the vinegar.

5.) Apply the baking powder/baby powder.

I did this to one of my wigs.
Here's the before and after pics (w/ flash and w/o flash)

The wig before~
dull and shiny

The wig after~
It looks soooo preeeeetty *A* 

That's all!
Hope I helped at least a little bit xD

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