Aug 10, 2012

GEO Xtra Nova Series - Violet(WT-B41) Review

Bought this from Ayu Dagger~
Just PM her here if you want to order from her:
She's very friendly and considerate :3

She had a promo last week buy 1 take 1 lenses for php700-750. Her regular price is Php600 each.

As you can see, it's also available in brown, grey, blue and green.

the diameter of this is 15.00mm so it's bigger compared to the regular ones. When I first put those on, there was a slight discomfort because it was my first time using a Dolly lens. But it'll eventually become comfortable after 3-6 mins.
The base curve for this lens is 8.70
 I like the design for this one <3
I think this is only available for plano and they don't have graded ones for this series :c
I like the effect of this lens in my eyes, hihi =3

Here's a pic of me wearing it~

Enlargement:  5/5
Comfort:  -5/5
Design:  4/5

That's all for now~
Thanks for reading ~~

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