Mar 14, 2013

Jill Valentine Cosplay

Jill Valentine is actually my very first cosplay from a game~

I bought this costume from Sheila Navarro~ xD

Jill is one of my favorite RE characters along side with Rebecca Chambers, Spectre and Leon =))
At first, I had some difficulties in cosplaying her because of the sudden change of genre and all.

When I first cosplayed her, I had problems regarding my facial expressions and poses since I have no knowledge on how to handle a gun and whatnot.

After that experience, I began researching on the things that I need to know like the stance, aiming of the gun, safety and precautions, and the handling/storage of the gun.

So far, she's one of the most challenging characters that I cosplayed because of the limitation on poses. Orz

Here are some photos of my Jill cosplay~ 

I'll be also making her rocket launcher in Marvel vs. Capcom :v
I'll post it here as soon as I'm determined enough to finish it xD
By the way...
I also cosplayed Spectre.
You can view it here.

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