May 27, 2012

Hi, What character can I cosplay?

NOTE: I'm not targeting certain people/cosplayers in this post. I would just like to speak my mind because I'm sick and tired of cosplayers who are always or most of the time being out-of-character.

That question and in its every other forms ......... annoys me to the very core. =_=

What other forms? Like this:
  • What character do I resemble?
  • Can you suggest me characters who has pink hair? (Or any other hair color or feature)
  •  Anime/series that has cool costumes?
  • I want to cosplay, what characters suits me?
  • What characters can you suggest who has simple clothes, I want to cosplay them.
  • I have long brown hair, black eyes and I'm 5'1. What characters can I cosplay?
  • I'm taking requests, what character can I cosplay?
And whatnot.....

You may ask....."Why do you care so much about us who asks those questions?"

My answer?

  • I cosplay a character because I LOVE and LIKE the character personally.
  • It offends the actual fans of the character.
  • Those cosplayers who are out-of-character kills the character(And the worst, our favorite character) I think nobody wants to see a Sepiroth with the "peace" pose. xD

Crappy photo. >.<
But at least I can show you what I mean. xD
Me as Saya, Lot Dolfo as Saeko and Halan Nomax as a zombie.

Look, If you want to cosplay, cosplay your favorite character. That way, you can cosplay easily portray thrm and you can have fun(Real fun). Do research and practice making poses(In character of course).

If you want to cosplay because you want to be famous or "pa-cute", do us(and yourself) a favor and DON'T cosplay.

Cosplay is short for costume role-play. So it means it just not simply to dress up as a character, but to portray them as well. Giving your 100% every time you cosplay.

Take your time and reflect. And Answer this question to yourself, "Why do I cosplay?"

Here are some of my favorite characters whom I cosplayed in the past days/months/years
Me, doing the signature hair flip of Beatrix <3

Left to right: Zidane Tribal(Richard), Beatrix(me), Freya(Angelo Formoso)
Final Fantasy 9

Heisuke Todou - Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

Asuka Kazama -Tekken

Chizuru Yukimura - Hakuouki

Here's a little message from sir Sharivan Spark to the younger generation of cosplayers:

"A little message towards the younger generation of cosplayers.. YOU did not come here to became famewhores, attentionwhores or to think that this hobby is meant as a stepping stone to stardom. Just enjoy this hobby as it is and find the fun and reasons you wanted to see while you are cosplaying ok that is all. Enjoy this hobby and find new friends who knows the one you are searching for who is heavenly matched for you is right up in the corner in the cosplay community. That is all thank you for the interview and have a nice day."  (Taken from my FB page)

You get the picture. I think you know what I'm wishing for.  :P

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day~