Aug 10, 2012

SF 18 Geo Lens Review

SF 18 is part of the Crazy lens series of GEO.
At first, I told myself that I won't be using lenses for my cosplay, but then if I want to make an extra effort to my character, I need em xD

I really love this lens, the color is really seen unlike the others which are not that noticeable. 
You can also easily tell if the lens is at the wrong side because of the color(The wrong side is lighter)
The diameter of this lens is 14.2 mm while the Base curve is 8.60
Bought this from Pinku Pirates :3
Don't worry, they're totally legit!
Here's their FB page:

Anyway, here's a picture of me using it:

Enlargement:  2/5 << regular lens
Comfort:  5/5
Design:  -5/5

That's all for now~

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