Aug 2, 2012

Cosplay Plans and Cosplay Groups, how to manage?

Lately, there are some cosplayers who will join in a cosplay group, but don't commit to their supposed role/character.

Some of their reasons are;
"I don't have money(But has money for their other cosplays)"
"Oh, I almost forgot about it  >.<"
"I'll be quitting cosplay for a while" (Still cosplays)

and whatnot.

And then after weeks or months, you'll just find out that the person is inactive or left the group without saying a word.

I guess it's okay if you're trying to focus with your studies or you can't go to places because of things or you have emergencies, sometimes stopping at cosplay and especially if your parents are strict . Just make sure you go and tell the other members so they'll be informed.

Since they are your group mates, it's nice if you'll be interacting with them by talking and sharing things from the series/anime/game that the group is about or anything under the sun. Whenever I join a group, I always make it a priority because It's my responsibility as part of the group, especially if the character has a major role.

In our Resident Evil, Final Fantasy and Harry Potter group, we share our thoughts about that certain series and sometimes we also talk about cosplay, money, business and whatnot.

It's also nice if you're posting the progress of your costume if it's still a WIP to let them know or if you already have one and you think it still needs improvement, you can post pictures of it and ask the other members on how to improve/alter it.


~+ Manage your time, we need to balance it.
Our first priority should be our studies. I know that sometimes it's hard to concentrate now that we have cosplay, but since our parents spent a large amount of money for our education, we need to do well in school in order not to waste their hard earned money. 

It's okay if you won't be able to go to a certain con, think first if it's worth the money for transpo and ticket. 

~+ Pls. have the responsibility and initiative when you join a cos group. No matter what the reason you made a commitment, if you have shorttage with time and money tell your groupmates and I'm sure they'll understand. People aren't as unreasonable as you think as long as you'll be honest. < (Kei Kobayashi)

~+ Before you join a group, ask when will they have their photo shoot or when will they attend a con as a group to avoid clashing of cosplans. 

~+ Make sure you have enough money for that certain character to avoid shortage.

~+ And we also need to manage your money.
Plan your budget. Divide your money into 3 or 4 (Cosplay, School, Luxury, Emergencies) or in any way you like.
You might tell me that it'll take you a long time to save and divide your money, but all you need to do is to use it wisely. You can sacrifice those delicious foods that you buy even though you're not hungry. My allowance is Php100 a day, so that's like Php500 a week. I spend Php17-20 for transportation back and forth. When I go home, I always take a jeep, but since it doesn't pass by near our house, I have to walk or take a tricycle. Since tricycles costs php17 and I'm saving up money, I always choose to walk 2-3 blocks to reach our house. Same goes when I go to school. I take a FX to go to school, however it doesn't pass by in our school(Unless I take a FX to Lagro which is hard to find) since it stops at SM and I have to walk 3-4 blocks again. If it's raining hard, I have no choice but to take a jeep which costs php7.( More exercise for meee~ xD )

Soooo, by choosing not to take a ride of the destination is near, I save:

     Php 500   (Weekly allowance)
-    Php 185   (Weekly expenses) << Transportation and food
     Php 315   << My savings for the week

Since there are 5 weeks a month, I can save up to Php1,575 a month.

Group Tales~~

Harry potter group~
Me as Luna Lovegood

Rurouni Kenshin group~
Me as Soujiro Seta and Souji Okita(Not shown) (yep, dual character) xD

RE group
Although, we are only 2 here xD (we have a lot of members, We joined the competition during UP AME'12, sadly I wasn't able to go) OTL
me as Jill Valentine

RE group (USS Division)
Same RE group. So yeah, dual character again.
Me as Spectre

That's all for now~
I hope I helped >..<

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  1. Very nice. Ive been organizing group cosplays for a while and I've joined a couple of group cosplays too. I have to agree, if you join, learn to commit. If in the middle of the commitment you found yourself not be able to commit, do inform your group mates and make sure it's a valid reason.