Nov 25, 2012

Kuroya Kunoichi Cosplay


To tell you the truth, this cosplay was just sudden.
This was supposed to be for my Soujiro Seta cosplay, but since my tailor got the wrong color and refuses to make another one(different tailor, not the one who made my other costumes), I have to "recycle" this. I was thinking of making this into a wa lolita(fashion, not cosplay) but I ended up making this into a Kuroya Kunoichi costume. I have to make an Obi by hand and make some alteration to the costume xDD
so which means I made almost 80% of the costume & dual kodachi, 15% for the one that my tailor made, and 5% others

I'm a die hard fan of Tenchu xD Too bad that the franchise stopped or so I've heard.

Me as a Kuroya Kunoichi~
Photos belong to Choy Embrador and Thomas Regala
Taken at Wildlife Park

That's all~
Thanks for viewing
Till next time <3

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